Campsites in the Netherlands

Are you looking for campsites in the Netherlands? That’s a great idea! Although Holland is a small country, it definitely has a lot to offer. Whether you love lazy beach holidays, have a great interest in cultural heritage or are a keen walker, the Netherlands offer something for everyone. The landscape is diverse, including the beaches and dunes along the North Sea coast, national parks with breathtaking views, and even ‘mountains’ (all right, just hills). Moreover, there are some lovely cities to discover, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but Holland also has charming villages that are very much worth visiting. Of course, when in the Netherlands, you should ride a bike, an excellent way to explore the landscape. As you can see there is so much to do and to see that a holiday in the Netherlands is completely justified.

Campsites in the Netherlands

Are you convinced? Then the question is how to find the perfect campsite in the Netherlands. Finding campsites in the Netherlands should not be too demanding as the Dutch are renowned for their camping spirit. Not only do they like to put up their tent somewhere during the summer, in the Netherlands campsites are abundant. However, you are not interested in any campsite in the Netherlands, but in that unique one that is the best place to unwind.

Campsites in the Netherlands that join the KGC (Karaktervolle Groene Campings, in English Green Campsites with Character) fit this description. All these sites have their own character and are located in the most beautiful and idyllic places in nature and/or near water. Enjoy the tranquility of the countryside on a KGC campsite in the Netherlands. Karaktervolle Groene Campings are the ideal place to get away from it all. Leave behind all stress of hectic daily life, and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature in the best places in the Netherlands. KGC campsites are always at locations where nature can still be enjoyed.

Camping on a Karaktervolle Groene Camping means camping in comfort in the Dutch countryside. These campsites in the Netherlands are the best settings for relaxing. Every KGC site is a haven of peace and quiet. When you favour character over mass tourism and smaller over larger campsites, a KGC campsite in the Netherlands is the right place.

The 36 KGC campsites are scattered around the Netherlands and can be found in most provinces. You prefer strolling along the North Sea coast, visiting the walk-and-cycle-friendly north or the hilly landscape of the south? These campsites are an ideal base for touring the area.  KGC campsites in the Netherlands are a wonderful place for a short break, a three-week’s family holiday, or any other type of time off that you may prefer.

Why choose KGC campsites in the Netherlands? Because every site that joins this standard is characterised by features such as good facilities, hospitality and a first-rate location. Although every campsite is unique, they all share these characteristics.

Choosing a Karaktervolle Groene Camping means choosing comfort in a small-scale environment. There are small and medium-sized eco campsites with the number of pitches varying from 40 to 200. Every site offers plenty of space that allows complete privacy. Camping at KGC campsites in the Netherlands means being far away from the masses of tourism. Personal attention, hospitality and an informal and homely ambience are distinctive features of the Karaktervolle Groene Campings. The hosts will give you the ultimate ‘camping feeling’. A KGC campsite in the Netherlands offers you a home away from home.

Moreover, the KGC campsites in the Netherlands all offer a range of facilities. These include shops, restaurants, Wi-Fi, and some campsites offer bike rental. The sanitary facilities at the sites are well maintained.

Furthermore, whatever camping experience you are looking for, there is always a Karaktervolle Groene Camping that suits your needs. Whether you are a family with young children, a couple, or travelling alone, KGC offers a wide range of site types and facilities so that surely there is a campsite that is the perfect match. For example, Karaktervolle Groene Campings offer child-friendly campsites in the Netherlands, campsites where both you and your children will have a splendid time. At these KGC sites you will find recreational activities for children, playgrounds (outdoor and indoor; you never know what the weather will be like), swimming pools and more. Among the KGC campsites are also very suitable campsites for elderly people. Peace, tranquility, nature: what else do you need?

In short, the KGC campsites in the Netherlands are an excellent start to discover the country. They are all unique and have their own character. Therefore, we are sure that you will find the best campsite that will suit your wishes and needs. A beautiful location in the midst of nature and the pleasant ambience ensure that you will enjoy a high-quality holiday.