Camping in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a multifaceted country. It has a wonderful coastline, picturesque villages, dynamic cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, national parks with fascinating landscapes, and that is just a fraction of what this small country has to offer. Spending some time in the Netherlands is therefore highly recommendable.

Camping in the Netherlands

Camping in the Netherlands is a great way to spend your holiday and a great way to discover the country. Whether you would like to go on a short break or a few weeks’ holiday, both the country itself and the campsites are worth the visit. As you may know the Dutch themselves love to camp, whether in southern Europe or in their own country. As a result, when you have decided on camping in the Netherlands, a campsite is not hard to find.

Although it is fairly easy to find a campsite in the Netherlands, not every site will be what you have in mind. Are you looking for a place where you can completely relax and where you can absorb the natural environment? Then camping in the Netherlands on a Karaktervolle Groene Camping (Green Campsite with Character) is definitely your pick. Camping in the Netherlands on a Karaktervolle Groene Camping means camping on a unique campsite with its own character. The sites are situated in beautiful locations in nature, often near water or in/near woodland. Every single site is characterised by, among other features, good sanitary facilities, magnificent surroundings and hospitality. Furthermore, all Karaktervolle Groene Campings are small-scale campsites. The number of pitches varies from 40 to 200 and every site offers plenty of space so that your privacy is guaranteed. Camping in the Netherlands on a KGC campsite takes you away from mass tourism. Instead, you will meet personal attention and a comfortable and informal atmosphere. Moreover, where else will you find a place where you can still listen to the sounds of nature?

When camping in the Netherlands on a Karaktervolle Groene Camping, you can be sure that this site is highly graded. The reason for that is that campsites that wish to join the Karaktervolle Groene Campings must meet various requirements. Only a limited number of campsites are carefully selected because of their size and serenity.

Karaktervolle Groene Campings offer many options and are suitable for various types of tourists. You want to rent a tent, a chalet, or a mobile home which offers both the comfort you wish for, but also the pleasant atmosphere of a campsite? It is all possible at a KGC campsite. The 36 Karaktervolle Groene Campings can be found in nearly all of the Dutch provinces, so there is a KGC campsite for, for example, beach lovers, keen walkers, and museum fans. Facilities on the KGC sites include shops, Wi-Fi, bike rental and more.

Besides, Karaktervolle Groene Campings are suitable for both children and adults. Children will like the playgrounds, swimming pools and recreational activities, while their parents will appreciate the quiet and nature. Camping in the Netherlands on a Karaktervolle Groene Camping assures you that your children enjoy themselves but also that you are at the best place to kick back.

Maybe you would like to camp in the Netherlands and are looking for a 50+ campsite? Then take a look at our Karaktervolle Groene Campings.  Here you will find quiet and marvellous surroundings, as well as comfortable and well-maintained facilities, a pleasant ambience and the best hospitality.

When you think of the Netherlands, what first comes to mind are probably tulips, windmills and… cycling. Cycling is one of the best ways to explore the Dutch landscape. Do you like riding a bike? Then a cycling holiday is a good idea. The Netherlands has many beautiful areas that can best be enjoyed by bike. A Karaktervolle Groene Camping is an excellent base for such a holiday.

Hence, whether you are looking for a child-friendly campsite, the ideal site for a mature couple or a base for a cycling holiday, camping in the Netherlands on a Karaktervolle Groene Camping is the perfect option. Do you need any help in finding the campsite that meets your needs? Our campsite finder helps you find the Karaktervolle Groene Camping that is the perfect match. Take a look at all the different options including province, type of accommodation and facilities, tick the boxes and the campsite of your choice will be shown to you.

In conclusion, camping in the Netherlands on a Karaktervolle Groene Camping will be a high-quality camping experience. These campsites are an excellent base to discover all the things the country has to offer. Moreover, they are the best place to get away from it all. We are sure that among the Karaktervolle Groene Campings, you will find the very campsite that suits your needs.