Camping Holland

Does your ideal camping holiday fit the following description? A beautiful spot in nature, a place where you can escape from the stress of daily life and were you can enjoy quietness, and where, last but not least, the facilities and the atmosphere are first-rate. If so, then a Karaktervolle Groene Camping Holland (Green Campsite with Character) is an excellent campsite for you.

Camping Holland

What makes a Karaktervolle Groene Camping Holland that unique? To start with of course the idyllic location in the midst of nature. KGC campsites are often located near water and in or near woodland. But also the distinctive character of each of these campsites (therefore, ‘Campsites with Character’ is aptly named). A KGC campsite is a real getaway and a place to completely relax. What characterises these sites is the hospitality of the hosts, a feature that creates an informal ambience and makes a Karaktervolle Groene Camping a home away from home. Besides, the KGC campsites all have a small-scale approach with the number of pitches varying from 40 to 200. Hence, no mass tourism but plenty of space that allows complete privacy. Finally, a typical aspect of all KGC campsites are the good and well-maintained sanitary facilities. Camping on a Karaktervolle Groene Camping means camping in comfort in the Dutch countryside.

A Karaktervolle Groene Camping Holland is always a high-quality environment. A campsite that wishes to join this standard has to fulfil various requirements. Only a limited number of campsites are carefully selected to become a Karaktervolle Groene Camping because of their size and peacefulness.

Besides, not only are the KGC campsites an ideal place to enjoy your well-deserved holiday when you go camping, Holland is a country that is very much worth a visit. Although it is quite small, the landscape is diverse and the country offers a wide range of activities. Cloudy skies over a wide expanse of farmland, the lovely North Sea coast, the lakes in Friesland, the hills in the south and the woodland in the east are all places not to be missed. Moreover, Holland has a number of vibrant cities, delightful villages, stunning national parks and interesting museums. As you can see, we can safely say that when you have decided on camping, Holland is a great destination.

The KGC campsites are scattered around Holland and can be found in most provinces. Would you like to find the Karaktervolle Groene Camping Holland that suits you? Then use our campsite finder to help you discover the campsites that meet your needs. You can select campsites by location, but also tick the boxes to select various facilities. Karaktervolle Groene Campings offer a range of facilities, such as shops, Wi-Fi and bike rental. Furthermore, you can choose between several accommodation types. Whether you prefer renting a tent, a chalet, a mobile home or would like to have your own sanitary facilities, it is all possible at a KGC campsite.

Moreover, whatever camping experience you are looking for, there is always a Karaktervolle Groene Camping Holland that is the perfect match. For families we have child-friendly campsites. That means swimming pools, outdoor and indoor playgrounds and recreational activities for children, the best places for them for making friends. Their parents have every opportunity to enjoy nature and to relax while reading a good book or just doing nothing. Have a look at all our KGC child-friendly campsites.

Among the 36 KGC campsites you will also find perfect 50+ sites. Here you will find quiet and wonderful surroundings, as well as comfortable and superb facilities, a pleasant ambience and outstanding hospitality. The above-mentioned campsite finder will help you find the 50+ campsite in Holland that you are looking for.

Furthermore, a Karaktervolle Groene Camping Holland is the ideal base for an active holiday, such as a walking holiday or a cycling holiday. From these campsites you can make the finest walks, for example in the eastern part of Holland. Cycling is a typically Dutch way to discover the amazing landscape. There are cycling routes throughout the country, varying in length. Holland is also a splendid country for other active and outdoor activities, such as horse riding and playing golf. It doesn’t matter whether you are just coming for a short stay or for a three weeks’ holiday, a Karaktervolle Groene Camping is the best place if the purpose of your trip is to enjoy nature and to clear your mind.

In short, when planning on camping, Holland is a great country to do so and a Karaktervolle Groene Camping is a wonderful place to get away from it all. For a short or a long holiday, a family holiday or a cycling holiday, a KGC campsite is the perfect place. It is an excellent start to discover Holland, a beautiful country. We are sure you will love it!